Lansing’s Eastside Fish Fry & Grill To Be Featured On Food Network Show Airing Friday

Its name stands for a specific form of high quality, rejecting the standardisation and delocalisation represented by fast food, in favour of a special way of life primarily based on a unique use of time. Many researchers of alternative food networks stress that AFNs do not diverge from extra traditional market oriented fashions as one may think. Studies show how relationships and conceptualizations of local AFNs are not necessarily progressive and should present some exclusionary traits. AFNs also symbolize a new wave of spatial and social transformation that aims to respatialize and resocialize food production, distribution and consumption. These social and geographical dynamics can be linked to the processes of urbanization and rural restructuring, whose interactions produce contradictions and tensions for folks involved in the various networks .

Food Networks

“Our job is to not educate people tips on how to cook dinner. Our job is to make individuals wish to watch …